BAZAK HISH ELECTROMECHANICS (2002) Ltd is a fully equipped workshop to complete comprehensive repair and redesign to all types of industrial electrical motors in excess of 600 KW, water pumps, blowers, vacuum/pressure pumps.

We Provide Services for:
-         three phase AC motors,
-         single phase AC motors,
-         DC motors,
-         Shragge motors,
-         braked  and  geared motors,
-         vibration motors,
-         crane and elevators motors,
-         variable speed spindle motors,
-         special servo motors with combination of encoder, tachogenerator, brake,
          resolver, forced ventilation etc,
-         water pumps from submersible to circulate displacement style,
-         vacuum and vacuum/pressure rotary vanes pumps,
-         blowers (side channel compressors),
-         gearboxes.
Valery Frumin
Company Director/Partner.
Chief Electrician;
engineer (1960),
Ph.D of electromechanics (certificated 1968),
associate professor (1973).
Menashe Chutman
Company Director/Partner.
General manager;
more then 50 years experienced specialist in field of repair and rewinding electrical motors